Six Keys to Success

We are going to build a sustainable, fully funded universal afterschool and summer system by 2025. To get there, we’re taking a multi-year approach, using current funding sources as a bridge. We’ve identified six keys to success.

Key 1: Commitment

The Governor set a goal for universal afterschool and summer in his 2020 State of the State speech. Now we’re acting on his commitment.  

Key 2: Collaboration

The Governor has established a cross-agency team that is responsible for developing, supporting, and sustaining the universal afterschool and summer system. 

Key 3: Coordination 

Vermont Afterschool will support the work of the cross-agency team, working closely with programs on the ground to continuously improve quality, and integrating input from all the stakeholders, including providers and youth.

Key 4: Improving Program Quality and Data System 

We will work together to build on and promote common quality standards for all programs and be able to track impact and outcome data for the entire system. This will include professional development, youth engagement opportunities, and communicating the impact of afterschool and summer programs with data. 

Key 5: Reaching Youth and Families 

A commitment to equity will be at the center of this strategy. We will convene a State Youth Advisory Council to help develop a deeper understanding of the potential barriers and challenges to access to universal afterschool and summer, particularly for youth in rural areas, those who identify as BIPOC and/or LGBTQ, and youth with special needs. 

Key 6: Sustainable Funding

The state is working on developing a funding structure that includes revenue sources and grant programs so that every year, starting now and building towards 2025, Vermont will have more access, availability, and equity in its universal afterschool and summer system.