This page includes important information and resources for youth-serving programs, afterschool and third space, and childcare providers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Quick Links

  • Licensed Afterschool Programs. If you are a licensed afterschool or child care program, see the Child Development Division’s COVID-19 page here for information relating to programs, families, and children’s integrated services.
  • Health and Safety. The Vermont Department of Health works with partner agencies to support the health and wellness of children and their families during this time. Visit their page for the latest information relating to health and safety guidance for schools, childcare programs, and summer camps.
  • Testing. COVID-19 testing is available to all Vermonters. For information on testing, visit here.
  • Food. Our friends at Hunger Free Vermont have an excellent resource center on how Vermonters can access healthy food during this time.
  • Travel. Interstate travel and quarantine recommendations from the State of Vermont.

Use of Spaces

  • MAUSD Essential Childcare Program — These videos (one short and one long) covers the logistics as well as story of how the MAUSD Expanded Learning Program did the work of running Essential Childcare this spring for districts around the Bristol area.
  • Upper Valley summer camp provides training ground for return to school — This WCAX news story shows how the One Planet summer program in Bethel ran. It can help people visualize what the spaces could look like under the COVID health and safety recommendations.

Working with Partners

Health and Safety

Social and Emotional Learning

Virtual Programming

Vicarious Trauma and Burnout

  • Trauma-Resilient Informed Practices in Expanded Learning Programs: A Snapshot of Trends in the Field — This report provides a snapshot of some current approaches, information about gaps and needs, examples from the field, and recommendations for programs and the field to effectively integrate trauma-resilient informed practices into expanded learning programs.
  • Compassion and Fighting the Good Fight — This short article gives the perspective of one third space practitioner around burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • Developing Resilience: Preventing and Managing Vicarious Trauma and Burnout — This is a past field forum (August 2020) with Auburn Watersong, Director of Trauma Prevention and Resilience Development for the Agency of Human Services. Auburn shared about vicarious trauma and burnout, how trauma and prolonged stress affect the brain and body, and what to look for as signs and symptoms of burnout. Auburn also discussed how to help prevent burnout in the workplace – as leaders and as a workers, and gain valuable, practical tools and methods (beyond “self-care”) for managing the effects of prolonged stress and burnout at work and home.