Professionals and Program Resources_herosq

Much of our work is focused on coordinating efforts around professional development, program quality initiatives, and overall elevation of the afterschool and youth-serving field by:

  • Providing professional development to afterschool, summer, and out-of-school professionals
  • Delivering quality coaching and technical assistance to programs
  • Offering leadership opportunities
  • Helping programs start and sustain
  • Promoting best practices
  • Coordinating statewide systems and connection

**NEW IN 2023: Vermont Guidelines for Afterschool, Summer, and Youth Development Programs.**

In June 2023, Vermont Afterschool and the Vermont Interagency Afterschool Youth Task Force developed guidelines intended to support program administrators, staff, parents/caregivers, children, and youth in understanding what quality looks like for all afterschool, summer, and youth programs in Vermont, and to set an aspirational vision for what we strive to achieve for Vermont’s children and youth.

In October 2023, Vermont Afterschool hosted a Field Forum to discuss the new guidelines. Click here to watch a recording of the Field Forum.