AM Workshops (10:00am – 11:30am):

  • Trauma Informed Supervision | Kheya Ganguly, Director of Trauma Prevention and Resilience Development, Agency of Human Services

This workshop will focus on using trauma responsive methods to improve supervision.  We will talk about how to use supervision to increase employee satisfaction and retention.  

  • Stop Blowing Stuff Up! Elements of High Quality Afterschool STEM Learning | Katie O’Shea, STEM & Career Awareness Coordinator, and Tracy Truzansky, STEM Coach, Vermont Afterschool

What are the essential elements of a quality afterschool STEM experience? Is it really about the ‘wow factor’? Why should we care about science during the school day? This workshop is designed for well-intention afterschool STEM enthusiasts and “STEM resistant” staff alike. Through virtual activities, videos, and discussion we will explore what is (and is not) a quality STEM experience, strategies for program design, facilitation tips, and try our hand at engineering to reveal its effectiveness for entry level afterschool STEM leaders.

  • STRONG: An Introduction to the Strengthening Families Framework | Matt Wolf, Youth Voice Coordinator, Vermont Afterschool

In this interactive and conversational workshop participants will get an overview of the Protective Factors that make up the Strengthening Families Framework.  Each factor of the framework will be reviewed, and attendees will participate in introductory activities and conversations as they explore the Protective Factors.  This is meant to be an introduction to the framework with examples of activities that can be used in your work with the framework as well as teach it to others.   

PM Workshops (12:30pm – 2:00pm):

  • Supervision 101 | Tricia Pawlik, Program Improvement Coordinator, Vermont Afterschool

In this workshop participants will learn tips to becoming a successful supervisor. Topics include how to effectively delegate to staff who possess varying skill and motivation levels, tips for giving effective feedback to staff, understanding the steps to successful performances reviews, and strategies for dealing with challenging staff members.

  • Transformative SEL | Umesh Acharya, Youth Resilience Coordinator, Vermont Afterschool

This workshop explores the core competencies of SEL through an equity lens; demonstrates how equity lens is essential for understanding the social-emotional development of all of us; examines the impact of systemic oppression and racial injustices in marginalized groups and its impact on social/emotional wellbeing; and strategies to implement equity-centered SEL practices in programs.

  • Supporting Youth with Disabilities | Alex Langevin, Coordinator of Instructional Strategies, Agency of Education

This workshop seeks to provide those engaged in aftershool planning and provision with strategies and considerations for meeting the needs of youth with disabilities. Participants will learn to support engagement from youth and their caregivers, general learning and behavior strategies as well as ways to keep both youth and staff safe and supported.