Nature Games & Activities

Children love to play outside and explore nature. These hands-on activities will guide participants on a journey of exploration, education and imagination through our natural environment. Participants will learn 2-3 new outdoor activities that can be used in an afterschool program and also understand how to connect youth to nature. Be prepared to get dirty… Read more »

Inclusive Arts: Open Studio

In this workshop, afterschool professionals are invited to experience the joy in making art together. Time will be shared between direct art-making experiences and reflection on topics including accessible, non-toxic art materials, setting up spaces to facilitate art making while minimizing mess, including everyone in the art making process, and keeping art making spaces safe… Read more »

Destination Imagination: Thinking Outside The Box

This is a hands-on workshop that introduces participants to Destination Imagination. Participants will learn divergent thinking and have a unique opportunity to participate in challenging and motivating activities. They will develop their creative skills through problem solving and independent thinking. Participants should come prepared to be actively involved with working on solutions to some Instant… Read more »