VerMoney Mini Grant

Vermont Afterschool, in collaboration with Vermont State Treasure’s office, is excited to announce the roll-out of the Vermoney Financial Literacy Program. Treasurer Beth Pierce is a huge advocate for young people. Her office has identified afterschool as the perfect setting to bring this type of learning to life. The program is designed to help young people be intentional about financial decisions.
Financial decisions impact how we all live, work, and play, yet only 22% of Vermonters have participated in financial education in school, college or at work. Young people want and need what we all want and need: opportunities to connect, explore interests, build skills, experience supportive relationships, and have a happy, healthy life. Young people are also problem solvers who are eager to be engaged and to make decisions. One of the best things we can do for young people is give them the skills and knowledge they will need in life, including financial literacy. Teaching students financial concepts early can positively influence how they manage their finances throughout their lives. This curriculum helps young people reflect on the differences between wants and needs, and engages them in making choices about money.
What you get:
1. Financial Literacy Curriculum for grades 2-5
2. Gooks from the state Treasurer’s “Reading as an Investment” program
3. Program kit
4. Training
5. Training stipend for staff ($200)
6. Money to purchase supplemental materials
7. Eligible for an additional $200 prize
How to apply:
Fill out a short application and send to katrina@nullvermontafterschool.or
Deadline: November 16, 2018