Youth Thrive is an evidence-based framework for working with youth ages 9-26 developed by the Center for the Study of Social Policy. Advances in brain science show that adolescent brains are at a key stage of development, which can be nurtured when a young person’s strengths are supported.

The Youth Thrive Protective and Promotive Factors Framework puts this knowledge into action. Youth Thrive shifts the attention away from a primary focus on risk reduction toward one that builds those Protective and Promotive Factors associated with risk reduction and promotion of youth well-being.

Training on the Youth Thrive Framework helps people who work with youth learn about and implement the supportive environments all youth need to succeed. It provides information and tools so that they think about youth experiencing challenges from a place of strength, view their behaviors as normal stages of development, and intervene in different and more productive ways.


1. Is Youth Thrive available as a virtual training?

Currently, this training is not being offered online. Once we return to in-person training, you can contact us to schedule a Youth Thrive training in your community or at your program.

2. Can a mix of people from different settings participate in the training?

Yes! Including professionals from community-based youth organizations, law enforcement, juvenile diversion programs, state agencies, families, and schools. Different people in the room can create a particularly vibrant learning experience and will promote creative networking. There is nothing more powerful for than sitting down at the same table and learning a common language and approach for working with young people.

3. Is there any follow-up to the training?

Yes! We offer a virtual Community of Practice for those who complete the training and want to implement the Youth Thrive framework, as well as connect with other people who are working with older youth across the state. Email Matt Wolf for more information.

4. Can this training be customized for our setting?

While the Youth Thrive trainings are broadly applicable to any group that interacts with young people, they can also be customized for specific settings.