*July 2023 Update: We’re currently refreshing the program map. Check back soon!

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Be sure to reach out to program contacts to clarify details as information is subject to change. Cost is subject to the individual programs and will display in each program entry. Additional opportunities for older youth can be found on our Jobs For Youth page.

Disclaimer: Vermont Afterschool does not endorse, has not evaluated, and is not responsible for any of the programs listed on the map. Programs shown on the map are those that have responded to a voluntary and open statewide survey, and are listed for convenience and informational purposes only. A program’s inclusion on this map should not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement on the part of Vermont Afterschool. Programs listed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Vermont Afterschool, and Vermont Afterschool takes no position on the content, quality, or requirements of any of these programs. Families and caregivers should do their own research and reference checking before enrolling a child or youth in any program.

Vermont Afterschool has been working since 2009 to increase access to afterschool and summer programs for all Vermont’s children and youth regardless of where they live, what languages are spoken at home, how much money their families have, any special needs or disabilities that may require special accommodations, their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor. If it is brought to our attention that a program listed on our site may have exclusionary or unsafe policies or practices, we are committed to following up and ensuring people know the appropriate organizations and agencies to contact to address any concerns.