Million Girls Moonshot – July 2022 Resources

Vermont Afterschool is proud to be part of the Million Girls Moonshot initiative, working to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators by engaging one million more girls in STEM learning opportunities through OST programs over the next five years. The Million Girls Moonshot is an initiative of the STEM Next Opportunity Fund. The Million Girls Moonshot seeks to re-imagine who can engineer, who can build, who can make. See below for some information and resources that can help advance this goal!

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53 years ago, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin made history when they became the first human beings to set foot on the moon. This month, the Million Girls Moonshot commemorates that “giant leap for mankind” as it remains one of humanity’s greatest achievements. We look to the future, to the next generation of engineers and scientists. What will be their “giant leap”? And most importantly, how do we as Networks, partners, and program providers, support young people on their journey in STEM?

IF/THEN Ambassadors

These assets feature IF/THEN Ambassador and Spaceflight Engineer, Dana Bolles:

These assets feature IF/THEN Ambassador and Shark Researcher, Jess Cramp:

Activities for Programs

  • After-School Science PLUS: Download Building with Wonderful Junk and take the challenge! Build a bridge or a platform that meets a set of requirements and test it. Challenge the kids to add to the activity (For example build a bridge that will hold a student up 6 inches from the floor). 
  • NASA’s Favorite House Plants for Space Stations and You – The Grow Network: Select a plant to grow and keep a record of its change over time. Design a flowerpot for space—what shape works best? How deep does it need to be? What do scientists need to consider to grow plants in space? 
  • Design a Crew Module: Use materials that are easy to find at home to build a crew capsule for spaceflight. Practice the engineering design process to improve on the original design. Grades 4-8. 
  • Straw Towers to the Moon: Let your kids’ imaginations run wild.  Build the biggest tower, or the best balanced, or the most attractive…change the criteria to change the design. Grades K-8.   
  • Landing Humans on the Moon Educator Guide: These easy to do activities for grades K-8 use engineering design process to problem-solve solutions for survival on the moon.

Click2Engineering Community of Practice

This community of practice is a component of Click2Engineering, an asynchronous, module-based online professional development program for after-school educators. Participants in this community of practice get to be a part of developing future learning experiences and will have special access to existing Click2Engineering resources, including new curriculum and one-on-one coaching opportunities! Online meetings will include learning, working with materials, reflection, and sharing your ideas with others. You will grow your understanding of engineering and increase your confidence and ability to lead engineering sessions with youth. Click here to submit an interest form.

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