How to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine

The State of Vermont is currently allowing for the voluntary vaccination of individuals working in regulated/ child care, preschool and afterschool programs.  This is great news! Here’s what you need to know.

Eligible Individuals:

  • Individuals working in regulated child care programs with direct contact with children, including registered and licensed family child care home providers, teachers, teacher associates, aides, assistants, directors, afterschool program staff, substitutes, trainees. The following individuals are eligible if they have direct, in person contact with children, afterschool activities specialists, auxiliary staff, business managers, and partner staff. Household members in a Family Child Care Home 16 years of age and older that have direct, in person contact with children are also eligible.
  • The individuals must be working in a regulated child care, preschool or afterschool program that is currently operating providing direct, in person care to children.

Individuals Not Eligible:

  • Individuals that work in a regulated program but do not have regular, direct, in person contact with children.
  • Individuals employed by a program not currently providing in person, direct care to children.
  • Individuals that work in unregulated/unlicensed programs.
  • Household members in a Family Child Care Home that do not have regular, direct, in person contact with children.

How to Sign Up:

  1. The Child Development Division will send your registration information to your licensing contact (sometime between March 11th and 15th). This is required for individuals to set up their account and schedule an appointment in the State of Vermont’s system. If an individual tries to set up their account without the necessary registration information, the registration will shut down and lock. The only way to unlock the account is to call for assistance.
  2. After the licensing contact receives the registration information through email from the Child Development Division, they will need to send it to their eligible staff, and staff can set up an account and schedule an appointment here

Helpful Hints:

  • If you need help setting up your account, contact the COVID-19 call center at 1-855-722-7878. You need to know registration information prior to calling and will get that information from your licensing contact
  • Information about the vaccine is available at:
  • If you make an appointment through the Vermont Department of Health, and you end up getting the vaccine at a pharmacy, it is important that you cancel your other appointment.
  • Public school staff and unregulated afterschool staff that meet the education criteria should use the instructions for that type of organization. (see link below).
  • Staff who are eligible for the vaccine due to age or health conditions retain their eligibility, regardless of in person contact with children.


See this CDD blog post for updates on how to get the vaccine and schedule at local pharmacies: