Million Girls Moonshot – November 2023 Resources

Vermont Afterschool is proud to be part of the Million Girls Moonshot initiative, working to inspire and prepare the next generation of innovators by engaging one million more girls in STEM learning opportunities through OST programs over the next five years. The Million Girls Moonshot is an initiative of the STEM Next Opportunity Fund. The Million Girls Moonshot seeks to re-imagine who can engineer, who can build, who can make. See below for some information and resources that can help advance this goal!

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November is Native American Heritage Month. To celebrate, check out these 12 amazing Indigenous women scientists!

Girls Moonshot Flight Crew

Has your life been transformed by an afterschool or summer STEM learning experience? Are you ready to share that story with others to inspire more young people to get excited about science, technology, engineering, math and more? Join the Flight Crew and amplify your voice.

Equity and Inclusion Youth Voice

How Two High School Students Are Advocating for Women of Color in STEM – Srinija and Jahnavi have written a book that introduces readers to women of color who became successful in STEM.


  • 49 STEM Activities to Engage Your Students on National STEM Day – To celebrate National STEM Day share these diverse. fun, hands-on activities to get youth engaged and passionate about STEM subjects. All of the activities use familiar materials that can be found in the afterschool center or in a supermarket. For example, Bouncing Sums gets kids moving around while learning basic math.

  • Puzzle Fun with a Perimeter Magic Triangle – This collection of geometry games is known as the Perimeter Magic Triangle Puzzles. It includes both math and science. These fun activities make it easy to find materials to encourage kids to continue doing the activities at home.

  • Earthquake Rollers – This engineering activity focuses on ways to keep people safe in earthquake zones. Earthquakes can cause serious damage to buildings and even loss of human life. Youth participate in this hands-on engineering activity to find out if engineers can keep the millions of people in earthquake zones safe.

  • STEM Activities for Families – Family engagement is a key factor in developing a positive STEM identity and success in STEM. These easy to implement, fun hands-on activities can be shared with families. The activities focus on engineering, technology, and math skills and content.

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