A COVID-19 Resource Library Just for YOU

One of the many challenges that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic is the management and distribution of information. Things have been changing day-to-day and hour to hour and it’s tough to keep up. I, for one, have had to battle some “information overload” and finding genuinely useful resources in the piles of what’s out there can be tough. Plus, even when you’ve found something that’s useful, how do you effectively share it with others who may benefit from it?

That’s why we built a curated resource library that’s open to the community to both utilize and add to. We wanted to collect resources that will be immediately beneficial and relevant to afterschool and other youth-serving professionals across Vermont. They are broken down into five different categories:

  • COVID-19
  • Connecting Remotely
  • SEL & Relationships
  • Activities/Curricula
  • Professional Development/Training

Each is organized as a spreadsheet with a link to each resource and some basic information about it. Best of all, anyone can add a resource they have found quickly and easily via this Google Form. I will ensure it’s a good resource for the library, format the entry and get it uploaded within a few hours of it being submitted. This is a living document and updated every day. The newest resources arrive at the top of every sheet, so check back regularly to see what’s new.

I wanted to highlight a resource from each category to give you a sense of what is in the Library and also point out some top-notch resources worth sharing out to the broader field:


COVID-19 Info In Various LanguagesWebsite

Created by New Americans in Vermont, this website has information about the Coronavirus in many different languages spoken by the New American population of Vermont. Presented in both text and video formats, it’s incredibly useful in communicating the background information on COVID-19 and what people should be doing to keep themselves safe.

Connecting Remotely

Can Technology Help Us Cultivate Relationships?Article

This article by the Search Institute uses a recent survey they conducted to explore the challenges and opportunities that connecting remotely with young people presents. They talk about some specific strategies for building relationships via technology and also touch on their Developmental Relationships framework that they have recently created. This would be useful for anyone connecting with young people remotely to read.

SEL & Relationships

Agency of Human Services Youtube Wellness Playlists – Videos

This resource is a few video playlists put together by the Vermont Agency of Human Services. They focus on movement and mindfulness. The videos aren’t created by the AHS, but they’re chosen by them and could be useful to parents, professionals, youth or really anyone looking to maintain their physical and mental health.


Fairbanks Museum Virtual Learning Classes – Online classes

The Fairbanks Museum in Saint Johnsbury has daily online classes with their eductors. They have a calendar of events that has offerings Monday through Saturday on topics such as Earth Science, Meteorology, Astronomy and more. Most of them are also pre-recorded so can be accessed on your own schedule.


YouthPower Learning Webinar: Fighting The Unseen Impacts of COVID-19 – Webinar

Taking place on Thursday, April 16th at 9:00 am, this webinar is presented by YouthPower and will address: 

  • The seen and unseen impacts of the pandemic on our mental health, especially on vulnerable groups;
  • Specific tools and resources we can adopt to promote wellbeing for ourselves and others in our community.
  • Opportunities for young changemakers to play a vital role in disseminating fact-based information on COVID-19 and promoting mental health. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on the Resource Library or any of the resources mentioned above, please reach out to Sam Graulty. To share the Resource Library, you can use this link: https://vermontafterschool.page.link/COVIDresources

Thank you!