Learning Exchange with Dr. Lasse Siurala

Shorter school days, higher test scores, and more youth thriving – what can Vermont learn from Finland about helping young people succeed? From February 18 to February 22, 2019, noted Finish youth expert Dr. Lasse Siurala visited youth programs and spoke at several venues about the strategies Finland is using to help its youth gain skills… Read more »

Afterschool participation and sexual activity among teens

Data from the 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey shows that students who participate in afterschool programming are less likely to be sexually active than those who do not; and among those who are sexually activity, those who participate in afterschool programming are more likely to use contraceptives than those who do not.

Youth Voice: An “On Air” Need

By Sam Graulty, Youth Voice Coordinator It was recently public radio fundraising time here in Vermont. I’m a big Vermont Public Radio fan and have been known to stay tuned through their repeated membership pitches. However, a few weeks ago, during one of these breaks, I slid the dial to another public radio station and… Read more »